The Black Panther of Portugal. A total Goal Machine.

If you could take a player that had a record of scoring 424 times in 436 appearances you would probably be offering the earth for them. However the player that we are talking about was a particular one club man spending 14 years at the same club and enjoying huge success there domestically and internationally with his country. We are talking about one of the games greats Eusebio da Silva Ferreira or simply Eusebio the Black Panther one of the greatest players ever to grace the game.

Born in Mozambique, then a colony of Portugal, Eusebio’s upbringing was harsh. The country was incredibly poor with education and facilities pretty much non-existent or done to the local community. The young Eusebio soon began to miss school much preferring to play shoeless football with his mate on rough ad hoc pitches and the nearest round thing they could find. Luckily for you this is not a factor and if you need Discount Football Kits then a site like can provide all the solutions.

They would use newspaper stuffed with old socks, a substitute ball that a young Brazillian boy called Pele was also doing in the favelas of Sao Paulo. Eusebio and his friends were enamoured with the great Brazilian side of the 1950’s naming their team “Os Brasileiros” and pretending to be its leading lights. Following the death of his Father when he was 8 his care, along with his 3 older siblings fell on to his Mother.

The only way out for these young men was to prove themselves worthy at football. They could then join a club that would act as a feeder for the larger Portuguese clubs Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto.  Benfica was Eusebio’s team of choice but their feeder team rejected him. He was picked up instead by Sporting Portugal. In a further twist he was spotted by a scout from Italian giants Juventus who were very keen to sign him but his Mum would not hear of a move to Italy and things fell through.


He was then spotted by one of his Brazillian heroes Jose Carlos Bauer. Bauer wanted to take him to Brazil and play for Sao Paulo but they could not afford his transfer fees so Bauer suggested him to Bela Guttmann of Benfica. Guttmann could not believe the skill of the teenager, his electric pace and ability to use both left and right feet to play. He was also stunned by the right foot shooting power. Despite the fact he was really intend for Sporting, Benfica offered his Mum and Brother more money (which they promptly demanded was doubled and was agreed) and he was on his way!